What’s New?


My new web site!


Redesigned, reorganized and refreshed. Lots of new images and an updated look. 

Please take a peek and if you have a moment, I’d love to hear what you think about ease of navigation and the overall look.

Thanks again for your support and encouragement- I really appreciate it. 



A New Look!

A New Look!

Click here to take a look…




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  1. Looks good. I’ve been thinking of opening a smugmug account. You may well have pushed me over the line.

  2. I like your new web site … A lot !
    And your photos … They are so beautiful! // Maria 🙂

  3. Excellent photography simply stunning dear Jane

    Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

  4. Terrific Jane! Really like the black background and bold type. Site is easy to get around. I enjoyed browsing through and seeing many photos on each page without having to click around much. Really liked seeing too the set of what some of YOUR favs are of your work. Love all the photos on home page, and you have so many other cool ones to pull from too. Don’t know how you can choose which get front page. Maybe you will rotate others in now and then? Those owls! oh my.. That One looks like somebody I know ha. And just saw that neat view of SF bridge through torn wire fence you captured. awesome shot. ( Sorry I am so wordy! ) dsup
    PS I was hoping to see the bubbly lime slice … even typed ‘lime’ under search too =)

    • Hi Diane, You are so kind to take the time to give me such nice feedback. I appreciate your thoughts, as always. That’s a great idea about rotating the homepage. Will do. Glad you love the owls– that was a great day at the rapture center. Bubbly lime! I will add some of my macro shots my web site– another good thought. Thank you very much!

  5. New design looks terrific Jane. Love the home page!

  6. Love it! 😀 Easy to navigate and to find things I´m looking for 🙂 also the black back makes the pictures look more colourful and bright! 😀 I like it so much! 😀

  7. Looks really good. Congratulations!

  8. just a perfect setup…love having access to everything in an event on one screen…u r just brilliant….and fabulously organized…..love traveling with u!! thanks!!!

  9. Beautiful new look, love your collection!

  10. Hi Jane – I always enjoy looking at your photos in any format! Now that I am traveling, I wanted to see your SF photos and did a search and it seems to be case sensitive but I’m sure it’s a quick fix to get upper and lower case to recognize one of our mutually favorite cities. I did find some new favorites – I love the photos of the murals in The Mission, especially the camouflage one.

    • Hi Debbie– Thank you! And, I appreciate you letting me know about the search function. It appears to be case sensitive, although regardless of case, a drop-down appears to choose from. Hopefully that will help people when they search. I am so glad you found some other faves of our city by the bay. It was such fun to spend time with you this summer!

  11. You’ve got some beautiful images on your website! SmugMug is great, isn’t it?

    • Hi Rebecca, Thank you so much. Coming from you, that means a lot. Love Smugmug–long time customer, I am glad that they upgraded the customization.. lots of options now. I absolutely love your bears in Katmai! Stunning shots. I was just in Glacier and didn’t see any bears… too bad.

  12. Looks very good ! Congratulations!

  13. Very professional looking site and a stunning portfolio. Great job!

    When clicking “Portfolio” > “Recent Work” (for example) there is only one galery on the next page. So I needed to click another time to actually see your recent work. It’s no big deal, just something that shortly made me wonder 🙂

    • Hi Anja, Thank you very much! That bugged me too– for some reason, a single gallery won’t “nest” in that drop down. I may divide the Recent Work into a couple of galleries…still have an extra click, though. It is nice of you to comment- much appreciated.

  14. Looks excellent on my screen Jane!

  15. I´ll have a look in a minute 😉

  16. I thought I would comment this way…really really like it as it is very professional looking. In your copyright protection you tell folks to give you the credit if they use one of your photos. I would just be more critical here by asking that they use your logo and were in the picture you want to see the logo. I worked in a business that maintained its edge by being vigilant as to its patents so just wanted to add something I learned and keep someone from selling your stuff. In your bio why don’t you mention about your classes, training and mentors in photography? I know you have taken some great classes and it might be worthwhile to lend even more professionalism to the site and your photos…just my thoughts. Xxoo k

    Sent from my iPad

    • Hi Kath- Thank you very much. Your advice is well taken and protecting digital work is a hot topic in the photography world. There are more tools now to help protect your work, but it is a challenging process to trace images. Your suggestion about adding my photography training and experiences is a good one. I appreciate you sharing your expertise!

  17. Hi Jane! It’s great! Something for everyone, and very well laid out. Love to look through your work. Suzie

  18. Hi Jane!
    At the Moment I travel and only can use your Site via Smartphone. It works well and is perfectly structured. You have brought such a bunch of fantastic photos on you site!
    Only one small feature I missed: There’s no possibility to switch manually on the normal page layout.
    Kind regards from Stefan, on his way travelling through saxony 🙂

  19. It is very nice and simple. I would just change the font on the front page for the title and maybe use something more elegant.

  20. I like the collection of pictures on the homepage!

  21. Great new layout. A lovely organisation of colours and pictures. Please check out my blog at http://www.inspiringthroughthelens.com

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