Blue Hour, Golden Gate Bridge


So long for now, beautiful San Francisco… 



Blue Hour, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Blue Hour, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco




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  1. Jane, you are amazing! I feel like I’ve been to lots of beautiful places while staying in the same zip code!! Hope to see you soon, Anne

  2. Hi Jane, beautiful photo, thanks for sharing! Looks like I’ve been having the same problem as another blogger, my weekly emails from your blog have not been coming through the last couple of weeks – very strange.

  3. I have no idea why but I realized I haven’t received any emails of your blog posts for at least a week, even though I’m signed up. I wonder if the same thing is happening to me too. Argh, WordPress…

  4. Not too often to see the bridge without it being shrouded with fog. A very pretty scene.

  5. Jane,
    Your photos are incredible. Each time we view we miss California more. Have a safe trip back and we can’t wait to see what you shoot along the way.
    Our best to both of you. Cathy

  6. Lovely photos… Assume you are now back on the road, or close to that? Keep us posted on your travels in case we can meet up! AB

    Sent from my iPhone

  7. Hi Jane! What an appropriate photo for your coast to coast travel. The bridge…..the means of connection or transition. I love the clarity of this photo in more ways than one. See you soon! Suzie

  8. Safe travels my friend, have enjoyed our summer through your lens… Is Bob jealous of your love affair with SF? See you soon. Linda

  9. Your incredible photos are like taking a special trip. We so love Big Sur and especially enjoyed those.

  10. Everything works in this shot – the vantage shot, the beautiful colors and the reflection.

  11. Hi, Jane. Quite a site. One I have never had the privilege to view in person. Thanks for the fine image.

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