Back of the House


“It’s my belief that cooking is a craft. I think that you can push it into the realm of art, but it starts with craft. It starts with an understanding of materials. It starts with an understanding of where foods are grown.” ~ Tom Colicchio



Back of the House, Central Kitchen

Back of the House, Central Kitchen



Stovetop, Chez Panisse

Stovetop, Chez Panisse



“Let things taste of what they are.” ~ Alice Waters



Crafting Lunch, Chez Panisse

Crafting Lunch, Chez Panisse




Filleting Salmon, Chez Panisse

Filleting Salmon, Chez Panisse




Cooking is at once child’s play and adult joy. And cooking done with care is an act of love.” ~ Craig Claiborne




Peppers and Prep, Chez Panisse

Peppers and Prep, Chez Panisse



Assembling at Salumeria

Assembling at Salumeria




“Sharing food with another human being is an intimate act that should not be engaged in lightly.” – M.F.K. Fisher




The Team, Chez Panisse

The Team, Chez Panisse



“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.” ~Ruth Reichl




Plated, Plow

Plated, Plow



“My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four unless there are three other people.” ~ Orson Welles





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  1. Fabulous! Favs are the multi person action shots- they are so into it! Too bad they are forbidden from having nice glass o wine adjacent during the production ..Like in my kitchen ha.
    & love all the pots in first one. Pity the poor dishwasher! dsup

  2. Interesting photos! They are just great // Maria 🙂 …

  3. Love your B&W images. Incredibly tonality. There are many similarities between cooking and photography.

  4. Great pictures, Jane.
    …they make me hungry, though…

  5. Great shots, Jane! I really need to eat at Central Kitchen. Was the restaurant mind-numbingly loud, as the Chronicle critic claims?

    • Thanks, Josh! It was a fun theme to put together. The Central Kitchen shot was earlier in the day during their prep while we were eating at Salumeria. We will have to experience the noise at Central together when you come up!

  6. Very interesting set of photos. Love the ‘Peppers & Prep’ the best. Cooking is definitely an art, but not one I enjoy, although by necessity I do. I have a sign in my kitchen that reads, “Many people have eaten in my kitchen and gone on to lead normal, healthy lives.” I think I’d rather be photographing those doing the cooking (like you have here), rather than actually doing the cooking!!!

  7. Inspiring me to cook something wonderful. I’m heading to the farmers market this morning. Love the photos!

  8. Love this! ….and now I am hungry!
    Cooking is like anything else ….done routinely and poorly it is dull and unexceptional . Done well , with some effort , creativity and understanding of raw materials, ingredients , and it is elevated to an art form.

  9. Nice pics Jane. The fifth one from top is my favourite!

  10. YUM…..u have certainly captured the CRAFT!!! A dream of mine always to be a chef & run a kitchen in NYC…perhaps CHS…who knows….the next chapter?????

  11. Love the colors and the settings! The quotes are great choices for this post too.

  12. Jane, what a great experience to share with us…loved the photos and quotes. This could almost make me want to cook!! You know of my culinary prowess!! Aways enjoy the wonders you show us so beautifully.

    • Pat, Now I know that this was inspiring if I’ve gotten you in the kitchen! 🙂 So happy you enjoyed this set — I loved shooting these. Have many more that I will share someday. Thanks so much!

  13. When I grow up I want to live in that big kitchen 🙂 How did you get access ? The pictures are wonderful – loved the black and whites! I should needlepoint Orson Welles quote!

    • Hi Mary Lynn, Thank you! The kitchen was so gorgeous…Chez Panisse was just renovated due to the fire so the chefs were excited. The B&W versions worked well with the stainless. That Orson quote has hit home with many!

  14. A fabulous series of shots. The color, sharpness and spontaneity go together in this photographic work.

  15. I’m envious of your getting into kitchen of Chez Panisse. And, yes, loved the Welles quote.

  16. This is a really neat post. Your photography gives us the elegant side of cooking ~

  17. Always interesting to see the direction of your photography! Great, no matter the the subject!
    Love from Kiawah

  18. Great photography! I am hungry now! Suzie

  19. What???? No beautifully plated Bar B Q! Love the post! Linda

  20. how did you get back there, m’dear? Other than your charm and great camera? Marvelous shots–especially in B&W. Loved the Orson quote.

  21. Wonderful photography of working kitchens. Even though we don’t see a completed plate until the last, it seems like it will be delicious at every stage.

    I need to listen to the advice of Orson Welles’ doctor. 🙂

  22. Mhm – I’d like to cook now!

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