Things I’ve Seen…



A mixed bag of images shot over the past couple of weeks on our way across the country. 



Please click on an image for a larger slideshow — I hope you enjoy!  

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  1. A very nice array of photos. Hope you filled up on that 5-cent coffee.

  2. A nice series to look at. Liked them all, but if I can pick 2 favourites, I choose Silos, SD and Train, SD. Best wishes on all your travels.

  3. A fantastic album of memories, Jane. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. love all the pictures- especially the Bison- he looks like a big George! Enjoy yourselves, love, Maggie

  5. what a trip!!! thank u for taking me along for the ride…..just loved it!

  6. Nice details from your journey!
    regards Günter

  7. Well done Jane! My personal favs are the farm and the clam scoop!

  8. So wonderful to see your take on all your travels. Missing you.

  9. Such diversity! Looks like you had a great adventure

  10. That rattlesnake surprised me… I hope not you! Love that rainy day pink slicker! Look forward to our next stop! Linda

    • Hi Linda, That little rattlesnake definitely startled me but I was safe and lucky to have a telephoto lens on my camera. He was small but that’s when they are unpredictable. Thanks!

  11. Fantastic serie of photos Jane ! The Bison from Yellowstone and the rattlesnake from Badlands are my favorites in this post 🙂 // Maria

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