Bluegrass Country

A beautiful afternoon around Lexington, Kentucky.




“Horses make a landscape look beautiful.”~ Alice Walker


A Horse and His Fences, Lexington

A Horse and His Fences, Lexington


Afternoon Repast

Afternoon Repast



“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a person” ~ Winston Churchill



Tranquility, Lexington, KY

Tranquility, Lexington, KY


Snack TIme

Snack TIme


“Feeling down? Saddle up!” ~ Anonymous


Fine Equine

A Fine Equine


White Horse in Field, Lexington, KY

White Horse in Field, Lexington, KY



“You know horses are smarter than people.  You never heard of a horse going broke betting on people.”  ~Will Rogers



For more horses, trot on over by clicking here…




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  1. Gorgeous! Horse and Fences & Tranquility favs. Makes me just want to run & run in those beautiful fields too.
    Jane please don’t feel you need to answer all these catch up messages. Just wanted to enjoy the photos & chime in! Cheers! dsupple

  2. “Tranquility” – that is a surreal and beautiful image. Stunning work, Jane!

  3. did you sample any good bourbon while you were there???? Lovely part of the country.

  4. I love these shots. You have definitely proven that horses make a landscape beautiful. I agree with the previous writers who liked the composition titled “Tranquility”. I thought it was brilliant. It made me gasp, simply stunning. You make each place you photograph look so special that I always want to visit immediately. Kind regards.

    • Hi, Patricia, Your thoughtful comment means a lot, thank you. It is a wonderful moment in photography when the elements come together. I do appreciate you letting me know! Love your tulip image that you just posted!

  5. A beautiful set. My daughters wouldn’t mind riding those horses all afternoon long.

  6. The picture of the horse and his fences is wonderful!

  7. The Tranquility shot was especially wonderful.

  8. Just beautiful!!!! thanks for taking me to a place I’ve never been….

  9. As always beautiful pictures. Hope your cross country trip is going well.

  10. Really great shots, Jane. Love the composition of Tranquility, the shadows of Afternoon Repast, and the beautiful soft face of the Fine Equine. I forwarded them to my brother who raises Paints.

    • Hi Sharon, I am so happy these shots spoke to you. I enjoyed interacting with the horses, when I could, and it was quite peaceful and lovely. Thanks for appreciating and for sending them to your brother– I hope he enjoys them.

  11. Fantastic horse farm scenics Jane!

  12. I feel the ‘tranquility’ shot Jane – and all are wonderful!

  13. Awesome Jane! I think Bob must allow for the car to be pulled over for a photo! Jim doesn’t quite offer that as an option on most of our road trips. Lucky woman! Beautiful photos. We pass by there often, and we love it. Suzie

  14. I would like these views when I visit Lexington! Seems as though you are having a fun filled journey… AB

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  15. All Beautiful images Jane but I really love “Tranquility”. The composition is perfect.

    • Edit, Thank you very much. That white horse was standing there, unmoving, the entire shoot. It was rather amazing. I just loved the lines in the field and the contrast of his white coat and I’m glad it caught your eye. Appreciate it!

  16. WOW…these r just stunning!! Looks like you two are enjoying the travels!! Thanks for sharing…love traveling with you!!

  17. Oh, such beautiful photos … Besides dogs, horses are my favorite domestic animal … I completely agree with Alice Walkers quote ! // Maria

  18. Lovely shots jane – I can just feel the peacefulness! Enjoy your next stop :0) looking forward to the badlands!!

  19. Beautiful pictures Jane! Horses do make a landscape look beautiful 🙂

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