Flying the Coop 2013



We are taking off! 


We are excited to be driving out west over the next three weeks traveling the northern route across the United States.

Looking forward to sharing images of the landscapes, nature, cities and people we meet along the way. 

Stay tuned… 



Awkward Takeoff, SC

Graceful Exit, SC



Until The Next Sunrise, Kiawah

Until The Next Sunrise, Kiawah

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  1. We will miss you and Bob. Safe travels.
    Beautiful sunrise.
    Xoxo. Pam

  2. Wow Jane, your photography is breathtaking! Capture some great memories this summer, and I can’t wait to see what you have seen! Safe travels.

  3. Jane, you are a wonder!! I love your photos…..especially since I am missing Kiawah!
    Have a great summer, Anne

  4. Jane … You are a stunning photographer ! And i can´t wait to see your next post ! // Maria

  5. You and Bob will be missed here on KI but I look forward to traveling vicariously through your photos. I know you’ll enjoy the journey.

  6. Superb photos Jane ! I’m looking forward to see what you will capture during this trip. Have fun 🙂

  7. Lovely pictures Jane, the second one is outstanding! Looking forward to seeing more when you are back. Have a safe trip!

  8. Driving cross country would be so pretty in Spring! Winter was cool, but I’d really like to see America in blossom.

  9. Have a very safe trip and look forward to seeing more beautiful pictures! love, Maggie

  10. THE BIRD!!!!! I still think it is funny!! It is a great send off. Can’t wait to see where you are going and have been……but will miss you. Have a great summer. Luv, Suz

  11. Have a nice and exciting journey. 🙂

  12. Fab visuals to express your flight onto the next journey!! So looking forward to the trip….

  13. Good Morning Jane! Wishing you a fabulous journey across country. I look forward to having you share the lovely sights and sites with us. Travel safely. Miss you already!!
    Lots of hugs…Pat

  14. Safe travels! Have a great summer in SF.

  15. Jane – have a fun and safe trip!

    See you in the fall.


    Sent from my iPad

    Reggie Sommer E1: E2: C: 978-460-1233

  16. Looking forward to following along via your photos. Enjoy!!

  17. Safe travels my friend… I love traveling with you through your lens! Looking forward to our journey. Are we almost there?????? Hugs

  18. Great way to start your trip. Wishing you wonderful adventures all the way there,

  19. Safe travels Jane!!! Shoot lots of your amazing photos! Can’t wait to see what YOU see!

  20. Safe travels, Baby Jane. Will keep in touch with you visually and do keep October in mind.

    Love, Leah


  21. Wish you a great journey and tons of photos 🙂

  22. What a wonderful shot. Have a fabulous trip. I look forward to sharing it with you!

  23. I love the first shot, graceful exit. Beautiful, peaceful and apt. Have a wonderful trip!

  24. Safe Travels!! Tough about this island to know so many wonderful people,and see them come and go so often. I want to sit with them and soak all that is going on in their lives! NOT ENOUGH TIME! Know we love and care about you wherever you may be.
    Stay in touch, Ann & Bill

  25. Wonderful shots. Happy travelling!

  26. Stay safe!

  27. Great shots here!
    May you have an amazing trip and shooting time . 🙂

  28. I love that picture…….makes me laugh every time I see those goofy feet (I can identify). Have a safe fun trip. Look forward to your pictures.

  29. Have a safe and wonderful trip …can’t wait to see what the lens capture along the way. Don’t forget the invitation to Traverse city on the way home……well sort of on the way!

  30. LOL, love that shot! Had a hard time “liking” you leaving but know its inevitable 😦 Safe travels…will miss you!

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