Knock, Knock


“Be an opener of doors” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson




Please click on an image to open the carousel of doors:



“A small key opens big doors”~ Turkish Proverb



Please click here for more architectural images.

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  1. Wonderful collection of doors — a great photographic subject. And nice quote too!

  2. Those carved stone doors at Banteay Srei were incredible, weren’t they? Fabulous collection, Jane. 🙂

  3. Great variety of door styles and colors!

  4. A wonderful collection of doors.

  5. Hi Jane
    With these intriguing photos of the doors, I yearn to know the people behind them.

  6. Fascinating photos. Why are we so intrigued with doorways?

  7. Each one beautiful in its own way. Wonder what is behind them……..

  8. Amazing series, very well done!

  9. Dear Jane, I hope you had a wonderful birthday this weekend. I am sure that Bob and your family made you feel very special as indeed you are. Your photos continue to be amazing and so beautiful. What an artist. Blessings all year, not just one day, Love, Bonnie

  10. That was a fantastic serie of photos! History is one of my favorite subjects in life,, and
    i´m sure that each and one of these doors has a interesting story to tell us …
    My favorite photo is the one with a keyhole from St Michael´s, Charleston… Just because it reminds me of the older houses from 1800s or early 1900s where i live 🙂 // Maria

    • Hi Maria, Thank you very much! Glad you like the keyhole- I love to hone in on the details. St. Michael’s was built in 1752– there are some wonderful old churches in Charleston- you would really enjoy the history.

  11. I love doors they have such character. Wonderful shots.

  12. Loved the clean shadow line on the building in New Orleans. And don’t doors make you so curious about what’s going on inside?

  13. Beautiful photography and choices. There is something wonderful and quite impressive about these large, solid doors – the details draw me in.

  14. Very impressive collection. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. 🙂

  15. Love all those vibrant colors in Buenos Aires.. Lifts this gray day in Charlotte!

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