Monday, Wash Day


“It’s better to have loved and lost than to have to do forty pounds of laundry a week.”~ Laurence J. Peter




Red, White and Blue in Dubrovnik

Red, White and Blue in Dubrovnik



Out to Dry, San Francisco

Out to Dry, San Francisco


Whites, Dubrovnik

Whites, Dubrovnik



This is the way we wash our clothes,
Wash our clothes,
Wash our clothes.
This is the way we wash our clothes,
So early Monday morning. ~Mulberry Bush Song




Laundry and Rooster, Bahamas

Laundry and Rooster, Bahamas



Laundry and Seaweed, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Laundry and Seaweed, Chiang Mai, Thailand




“After enlightenment, the laundry.” ~ Zen Proverb






Line 'Em Up, Dubrovnik

Line ‘Em Up, Dubrovnik


Sliver of Sheets, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Sliver of Sheets, Dubrovnik, Croatia




“A clothesline was a news forecast to neighbors passing by, 
There were no secrets you could keep when clothes were hung to dry.”~ Author Unknown




Colors, Bangkok

Colors, Bangkok



Pink Sheet and Shutters, Bangkok

Pink Sheet and Shutters, Bangkok





“I’ve buried a lot of my laundry in the back yard.”~ Phyllis Diller





Alley Line, Dubrovnik

Alley Line, Dubrovnik



Full Service in Bangkok

Full Service in Bangkok



“My second favorite household chore is ironing. My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint.” ~ Erma Bombeck




Blue, San Francisco

Blue, San Francisco



“It will all come out in the wash.”

“It will iron itself out.” ~ Ancient Wisdom



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  1. What a great set of photos – with the words, even more fun.

  2. Such a cool collection idea! My fav is ‘line em up..’. & that old old roof too below the side lingerie line twas intriging along with its crooked window. You inspire me to try to capture monday amish wash day that i enjoy seeing so frequently here. Thanx Jane! – dsup

  3. This is a really fun set! A beautiful array of fresh laundry. Makes me want to hang my sheets out on the line! : )

  4. What a fun post 🙂 I liked the Zen quote After enlightment, the laundy How down to earth! Favourite shot is the pink sheet in the window. I’ve seen laundry hanging in a few places on travels and usually wonder about fresh clean laundry hanging outside a dirty sooty building above city streets …

  5. Love. Laundry and rooster, pink sheet, and Blue. I think they are terrific!!

  6. Haha, what a great, colorful theme! Laundry has to be my favorite household chore, just like Erma Bombeck…

  7. I like this collection of wash-day photos!

  8. Your last photo … I just love it ! It was the crown jewel for me in your serie with stunning photos ! // Maria

  9. The one in San Francisco…stoled my heart!!!

  10. I LOVE these…..great FUN…….

  11. Jane, loved the photos &, again, your quotes are remarkable! Erma Bombeck being the one I related to the most!!

  12. What a fun tour. I loved it.

  13. This is very interesting. Thank you for sharing.

  14. So glad to be in US with washers & dryers!!!!

  15. Your photos are always perfectly shot. As still (forever) a beginner, I can only marvel. Thank you for letting us all join you on your travels.

  16. Full Service has to be the best. Thanks as always for the smiles and the arm chair travels.

  17. Really interesting perspective 🙂

  18. Those pictures just make me smile 🙂 Very good.

  19. I knew you would have captured more than a few images in Chinatown (SF). Beautiful Jane!

  20. Oh. You’ve left me speechless. How beautiful.

  21. Very nice Jane! You know that Bahamas shot is one of my favs!

  22. Love this post. When I was in Italy a number of years ago, I used to walk up and down alleyways and they all had laundry hanging out the windows.

  23. It’s often the simplest, most ordinary aspects of life that make the best photos, isn’t it?
    So colorful and real, great angles. I, too, miss the smell of clothing/sheets hung out on the line to dry.

  24. Aah…. those are quite extra ordinary subjects. well done for the point of interest and shots. 🙂

  25. Loved these photos. Brought back old memories

  26. These are outstanding Jane! Tremendous composition and perspective and good eye to spot these very interesting scenes!

  27. Hey Janie, I loved these. Don’t you wish we could hang our laundry out on Kiawah?
    Ah, nothing like clean outdoor dried sheets. Love ya, Dar

  28. Love the bangkok shot..what more could you want and the SF shot from the balcony looks like it could set sail. Really like the subject matter and interesting angles on the photos. k

  29. Great subject matter- Amazing work!

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