Portraits of Africa: Cats

Thank you for the positive response on my leopard post. It brought back many wonderful memories from our safari in Botswana and South Africa. Of course, it motivated me to  revisit my Africa images. In keeping with the cat theme, here are some favorite portraits of these incredible animals. I am looking forward to sharing more of the “Big Five” and other scenes as I go through them.

Enjoy prowling around and feel free to click on an image for a larger peek. 



“You know you are truly alive when you’re living among lions.” ~ Karen Blixen, Out of Africa



“Everything in Africa bites, but the safari bug is the worst of all.” ~ Brian Jackman



Please click here for more Africa images…



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  1. These are great, Jane. I would like to know how much you paid these cats to pose for you. 😉


  2. Lazy African Day just proves that cats do know best the secrets of living.


  3. Looking good is so gorgeous. They sleep 20 hours a day! How did you get the other 4?

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Beautiful photos of the big cats! And I love that quote from Out of Africa too.


  5. So sharp and clear you could almost reach out and pat them, but I don’t think you would 🙂


  6. Amazing captures! Thanks for sharing!
    Ann S


  7. Incredibly beautiful shots! Your lens makes it look like you’re so close – macro right????? ML


  8. These are wonderful photos. I dream of going to Africa some day.


  9. Just magnificent! They are beautiful. Would love to do this someday.


  10. I love all your cat photos ! Especially looking good and aftican lazy day . I´ve never been to Africa … So thank you for sharing your experience with us . // Maria


    • Hi Maria, Finding that leopard lazing on the huge termite mound was astounding. We photographed him for a long time, lounging and posing. I hope you get there one day- it is truly life changing. Thank you!


  11. Magnificent animals so beautifully captured! I envy you a bit there…having seen them live!
    Nice quote from one of my favourites, Danish lady Karen Blixen.


  12. Great shots, such magnificent beasts, thanks for sharing and greetings, Ron.


  13. Hi Jane,
    I only can type : WOW ! 🙂
    Such great photos
    Cheers Angela 🙂


  14. Jane, those were so beautiful! Really!

    Sharon Buehler 843-442-9602 (cell)


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