Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost In The Details

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  1. what a wonderful blog! unbelievable!!!! thanks!

  2. Amazing detail & colors. Love the bubbly lime against the blue. Radishes are a work of art! Sunflower – beautiful from all angles now that I can see it thru your lens. Thanks for sharing! ds

  3. These are exquisite details. The radishes, as others have already said, are wonderful. I also liked the dahlia petals. Liked your choice of black&white for that. Flowers are so often about colour, using black&white focuses on the petal shapes. Enjoy visiting your site.

  4. Your macro shots are very inspiring Jane…I have to try some new things!

  5. You really have an eye for details… I love the sunflower and the rosty nail …. // Maria

    • Hi Maria, Thanks so much. I really enjoyed shooting all parts of the sunflower and the rusty nail is a favorite study of an abandoned home. Other shots are in my blog under “It’s all in the details”.

  6. Love these!
    I wish you were here to take pictures of the buds on my weeping willow. The green is so beautiful just peaking out!

  7. love all of these details…radishes especially speak to me…GREAT eye!!

  8. The radishes are so striking. Love the fern too. I

  9. You captured nature’s details so well! I love the bubbly slice. Is that lime in soda water?

  10. Your passion definitely shows. Remarkable images.

  11. All wonderful details! Well done.

  12. Love the bubbly slice and the radishes!!

  13. Love the radish! 🙂 k

  14. What an incredible eye you have! Love the details… Linda

  15. Makes me think about paying more attention to things….!! Lovely photos as always…

  16. Beautiful series of photos. All of them are wonderful.

  17. Tired of saying “beautiful” but they truly are😍

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  18. All good choices! Love the radishes, don’t think I’d seen that one. Well done.

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