Sunset Spectacular Revisited

One year ago, this image was my first post on Jane’s Lens. I didn’t know a thing about blogging, but knew that I wanted to challenge myself and try something new with my photography. It didn’t get one “like” and I am pretty sure nobody saw it except my husband!

Thanks to you all, things have changed a bit. Here’s to another creative year and I hope you enjoy- I sure have! 





Sunset Spectacular, Kiawah Island, SC

Sunset Spectacular, Kiawah Island, SC



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  1. Jeannie & I saw that very sunset….you captured the whole thing……PERFECT!! I could look at it everyday & never see enough! (you don’t need to reply, you have your hands full!)

  2. wow!!! That picture is spectacular !!!

  3. Absolutely breathtaking! Stunning skyscape!

  4. I don’t always comment but I do always love to see your photos. These sunset pictures are spectacular – just like the photographer!

  5. I loved sunsets with lots of clouds. They’re the best and this one is beautiful!

  6. P.S. Love to have you see what I see here:

  7. Stumbled upon your blog and have been enjoying your work. Always fun to see thru a fellow photographer’s lens! And fun to to see some of my favorite places to shoot!

  8. Its an amazing picture. Different emotions come up when i look at it. Its beautiful but at the same time kind of powerful and angry.
    A special moment in time that u were able to capture.

  9. U R INCREDIBLE girlfriend!! Breathtaking!!

  10. Well you have surely got lots of likes now, Jane, and this photograph is truly spectacular. I love sunsets and this one is wonderful.


  11. This sunset is a favorite of mine! As with your photography, i am equally impressed that you considered a challenge for 2012 and have so boldly moved forward! I love the results! l can only imagine what 2013 will bring! Thanks for sharing your photos and your life.
    Ann Spencer

  12. Have so enjoyed seeing the world through your lens. Looking forward to this year’s photos. K

  13. Jane, Happy Anniversary to you and to all of us who love your blog.

  14. Always enjoy viewing your posts! Keep them flowing so that we all can appreciate. happy New Year!

  15. I’m happy your appreciative audience has found you and I am very pleased to be among them. Stunning, as always. Thanks for seeing it and capturing it. You have such a discerning eye and a fast finger!

  16. Wow, that’s some kind of sunset 🙂
    Did you do anything with the photo ?
    Cheers Angela

  17. Beautiful image Jane. Happy Anniversary.

  18. Isn’t this one at theSandcastle- if not it should be! Magnificent!

  19. It is SPECTACULAR !!!
    A great shot!

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