Travel Theme: Multiples

Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack?  has an interesting theme this week: Multiples.

I am drawn to repeating patterns and have found a number in my portfolio. I remember being fascinated with Escher in my childhood- an influence, perhaps? 

I hope you enjoy these photos of multiples from around the world. Please click on the photos for a larger slideshow.



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  1. Certainly makes you think!

  2. I really like the rice baskets. Very nice.

  3. Very nice!! You sure get around, dontcha!? The shot from Croatia is my fav….but maybe because I’ve been there! They are all very good.

  4. Very pretty! I love the baskets and the salt.

  5. mind boggling…love all of these!!

  6. I love the wine casks and the olive oil!!!

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  7. Stunning photos, are shucking gloves something to do with oyster shucking?

  8. That’s a perfect example of an idea that could be included in a themes book of your photos! Connections, patterns, similarities — the idea that everything beautiful is somehow connected.

    I had such a wonderful time with you. Thanks so much for everything. It feels really good to be in touch again.

    NYC is so exciting. MOMA yesterday, the Met and Mormon today.


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  9. Love that! Especially salt flats and roof tiles!!

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  10. I meant to say through Your eyes!

  11. Bill & I have traveled many places! Your photos make me want to return and see them again through our eyes! Love the multiples!
    Ann S

  12. You are simply magnificent. You need a gallery exhibition, dear Jane. Love the roofs, the tiles, the salt flats–I could go on but it becomes exhaustive to list everything.

  13. Lizzie,

    Excellent!!! My favs are roof tiles and columns. Would have voted for the fish but oh the smell.


  14. Nice- love this theme.

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  15. for me, one of the best—see you Saturday morning at golf if not sooner—wonderful trip, but need to get home—you know me—MC

  16. Wow, multiple multiples! Well done 🙂

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