Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

Sweetgrass is one of my favorite grasses in South Carolina. In the fall, the blooms turn a magnificent pink and look beautiful when they catch the sun. One early morning, I was out shooting close-ups and came upon a patch of dew covered Sweetgrass.

A rewarding morning capturing these delicate necklaces of fronds and dew. 



Delicate Dew and Sweetgrass

Delicate Dew and Sweetgrass



Nature's Delicacies

Nature’s Delicacies



With Fronds Like These...

With Fronds Like These…



And here is Sweetgrass when it has dried out from the morning dew:


Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink


So Fine

So Fine





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  1. I love photographing raindrops!

  2. Lovely photos, Jane. Looks like you’ve had some great trips, too. Thanks for dropping by. ~Anner

  3. Jane, Love these necklaces! Who knew sweetgrass looked like this! Absolutely gorgeous. You help me to “stay in the moment” and really look at things. Thank You.

  4. Wispy, ethereal,beautiful and yes delicate….

    The dew looks like little glass bubbles attached to the grass…. really interesting photo! I’d say you nailed it!!!

  5. Love these! Elegant and delicate!

  6. Nice shots, Jane! I like the sweetgrass ones.

  7. Have never noticed that before. Beautiful!

  8. Interesting….can’t ever get our sweetgrass to look like these!! what a beautiful part of our local nature…a great eye!!

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