Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

An early morning hike in New Zealand around Lake Matheson which is located on the South Island near Fox Glacier immediately came to mind for this theme. 

The fog was lifting, the air was still and the sun cast a perfect light on the lake to create this beautiful mirrored reflection. 

A breathtaking and serene photographic moment that I will always remember.



Morning, Lake Matheson, New Zealand

Morning, Lake Matheson, New Zealand


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  1. Jane, this is a beautiful example of reflection and peace. Suzie

  2. Both you and Tina have become staples in our home. Beautiful posts, great color, composition and wonderful results. Always fun to see what’s next. Thanks for your efforts.

  3. This is a breathtaking photograph, Jane. A wonderful photographic moment ,as you say, but what a fabulous place. It must have been a great hike and worth getting up early for to capture such a wonderful image. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Ahhhh….just makes one take a deep, long (cleansing) breath. Beautiful.

  5. A PERFECT moment!! So calming! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Is that a hobbit???

    Lovely scene well captured.

  7. I’m having fun with this beautiful picture. Imagine that it’s one of those ink blot tests where you have to tell what you see in it… sit back from the picture and stare at it. Also, give up spatial orientation as to what you know is up and down in the picture because there is no up and down in space.. … It’s amazing to me what the camera lens can capture with the click of a button. You know my father was blind so he constantly would ask me to describe how things looked. He wasn’t blind from birth so he knew what a beautiful full moon was or a beautiful red sunset. I was his lens. I love your and Tina’s art!! Just rambling on a lazy Sunday morning……

    • Jeannie- Thoroughly enjoying your “ramblings” and happy that this image sparked not only your artistic thoughts, but memories of your father, too. Thank you so much for taking a moment to let me know.

  8. This is not only “book” material , gallery quality!
    Ann S

  9. Reminds me of some of early am scenes around Lake Louise in Banff. You r right. – absolutely breath taking! Linda

  10. Wow, this one is truly amazing!

  11. Stunning. Now I must go there!

  12. So beautiful!

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