Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

On a visit to Miami to see my husband’s Aunt, we went to one of our favorite restaurants, Joe’s Stone Crab.  Aunt Anne has been going there over 50 years.

As we were served our plate of gorgeous stone crabs she said to us enthusiastically, “this is one of the best days of my life.” 

A comment that renewed my belief  that best days can last a lifetime and many will be over a good, restorative meal. 



Revitalized at Joe's, Miami

Revitalized at Joe’s, Miami



And, now at 97, Aunt Anne still loves her stone crabs… the moral of the story? 

Eat at Joe’s! 



A Perfect Meal, Stone Crabs at Joe's

A Perfect Meal, Stone Crabs at Joe’s

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  1. Beautiful entry – on many levels. It is good to have reminders of what is important.


  2. Wow she looks great for 97! She’s doing something right


  3. Thank you so much for this photo and story, Jane! I wish I could have been there. It’s good to know that Grandma is still having the best days of her life.


  4. I have always been drawn to hands – her little gnarled hands have cracked many of Joe’s crabs thru the years and brought her joy! You captured a moment that will long be remembered on many fronts! Glad to finally meet her! Lind


  5. How thoughtful of you to share the day with Aunt Anne at Joe’s! Also one our favs! Bill just recommended it last week. Would hope that we could have one at 97!


  6. I think Aunt Anne’s “one of the best days of her life” was about being with you and Bob. What a beautiful expression on her face.


  7. Jane, This is all so wonderful…Aunt Anne’s comment, you and Bob making the day happen for her and you sharing it with all of us. How fabulous to have a “best day” at age 97. I love her attitude. It is great to see Aunt Anne after hearing so much about her.
    Beautiful photo!!!


  8. What a blessing to have an Aunt Anne – who knows how to enjoy the good and fun and beauty in a day. I bet she’s had an incredible 97 years with that wonderful outlook! ML


  9. LOVE it!! Here’s to Aunt Anne 🙂


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