My 100th, With Thanks

Creating this blog was a positive creative challenge for me- and a bit of a leap- and here I am writing my 100th post.  I’ve had great fun with it and it is fulfilling to break out of the bubble of  shooting hundreds of photos that nobody ever sees. Thanks to you, my work is now seen and I am growing as a photographer because of it.

I am grateful to my family, friends and fellow bloggers who encourage and support me in my artistic endeavors. Your feedback and comments have inspired me and I hope that you’ve enjoyed the thematic approach I’ve taken in organizing my photographs. 

Thank you so much for:



Nurturing me…

Mama's Love, Seabrook Island, SC

Mama’s Love, Seabrook Island, SC




Sharing beautiful moments:

Morning Dew, Big Sur, CA

Morning Dew, Big Sur, CA




Enjoying some smiles:

Hot Dog, Charleston, SC

Hot Dog, Charleston, SC




Helping me spread my artistic wings:

Taking Flight, Kiawah Island, SC

Taking Flight, Kiawah Island, SC




Allowing me to stumble:

Almost... San Francisco, CA

Almost… San Francisco, CA




And guiding me:

Nubble Light, York Beach, ME

Nubble Light, York Beach, ME



With special thanks to my husband, Bob,  my tireless schlepper of  camera equipment! I do let him rest every so often…

A Moment of Rest, Yosemite

The Best at Rest, Yosemite



Here’s to more shared moments.

After all, the world is ours to see. 

The World Is Yours, Bodega Bay, CA

Your Oyster, Bodega Bay, CA

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  1. Loved this one.

  2. Wow, I can’t believe you are up to 100! I don’t always comment but I do always really enjoy – actually kind of savor your posts. They are like a little treat for me. I wait until I have some quiet time before I open and enjoy. They are filled with the beauty of nature, the intrigue of travel to distant places, the comic and ironic sides of everyday life – all through a very talented and skilled photographer’s eye. The most special part is that my little vicarious ride is taken with you!

  3. Love seeing the world through you eyes–the little details are amazing. Fabulous pictures!

  4. Congratulations! I have enjoyed seeing the world through your lens. Look forward to your next 100!

  5. I LOVE seeing how you view the world – joyously, movingly and humorously! I also get such a kick out of going on the same photoshoots with you and seeing how grownups shoot! Congratulations on your 100th! keep up the good work. Mary Lynn

  6. Perfect expression of your work and your appreciation!

  7. Jane, everyone of your blogs is a gift. Thanks so much for the beauty you bring to all of us.

  8. Congratulations, Jane. Thanks for sharing your work. You’re making me want to start taking photos.

  9. Will continue to look forward to seeing beauty through your lens. K

  10. Awesome timing on Hot Dog (I lol’d) and Almost… Congrats on your 100th!

  11. just love this….and all of the others…they make me dream….think and…smile!!! THANK YOU!!

  12. Best of luck with continued success for your blog. You have many excellent images which I am sure will keep viewers coming back for more.
    Love mom and baby great egret. 😀

  13. Thanks for making it easy to enjoy a bit of beauty or a laugh. Congratulations on your 100th!

  14. Your pictures are just beautiful. It is fun to be a part of your blog. 100 and just starting.

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