Fall, Charleston Style

Walking along the streets of Charleston, I couldn’t help but smile at this scene. The understated elegance of a tiny pumpkin sitting on the grand piazza of a Charleston single house.

A nod to autumn in the South!

Autumn in Charleston

Autumn in Charleston

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  1. My guess would be that a small person living in the house thought this looked perfect…quite appropriate being seen from a little ones eyes……there is a story here!! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Guessing that Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin wandered afar! And then realized that size is relative to your world!! This is the cutest photo! Made me think of a story to go with the picture….and no, I”m not sharing that with ya’ll !! 🙂 xo B


  3. You don’t miss a detail! That Lilliputian found a great spot to show off!


  4. You take advantage of the rule of thirds so nicely in your photos. I also like how the banister led my eyes back after first noticing the pumpkin.


  5. Wishing I had a chai latte and was walking those same streets. Sigh….


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