I’m Not in Kansas Anymore…

The drive across Kansas was rather uneventful, until I discovered Sorghum!

Barn and Sorghum Field

Barn and Sorghum Field

Good Lookin' Sorghum

Good Lookin’ Sorghum

Row By Row By Row

Row By Row By Row

Where's My Sorghum?

Where’s My Sorghum?

Windmill and Barn, Kansas

Windmill and Barn, Kansas

If I Click My Heels Three Times...

If I Click My Heels Three Times…

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  1. I love the wide open spaces in Kansas…could build a great golf course perhaps???
    Happy u R on your way back!!!

  2. But where are you? Thanks for the brief midwestern vacation–heartland America!



  3. More great pictures. Moved back in to my condo last week. Can’t wait to see you. Safe travels.


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  4. First barn is my fav! Good job. T

  5. Love the windmill and storage barn. My driver doesn’t stop, either. Of course when you are driving back from CT, NJ and Philly, I95 gets closed due to flooding, and you get detoured onto Rte 301, there isn’t too much pretty goin’ on.

  6. You bring life to the seemingly mundane – love i! Linda

  7. That cow looked familiar…along with the windmill and barn.

  8. I love these shots, especially since I grew up on the prairie.

  9. Wow! Does your driver stop for photos? Lucky girl!

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