America’s Cup

San Francisco was buzzing this past week with the long-anticipated America’s Cup regattas. These are the preliminary races before the final America’s Cup. We walked over to Marina Green on Sunday to see the action. I enjoyed the thrill of watching and photographing this exciting sport as the catamarans raced a course from the Golden Gate to Alcatraz and back. I apologize for the lack of commentary, since I am not a sailing aficionado, however, I can tell you that the Oracle Team USA came in first!

Golden Gate and Sails

Golden Gate and Sails

Oracle, Prada and Alcatraz

Oracle, Prada and Alcatraz



Take No Prisoners

Take No Prisoners

Prada Leads

Prada and Artemis

Hiking Out

Hiking Out

Sailors and Spray

Sailors and Spray

Team USA

Team USA



Please click here for more America’s Cup photos…

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  1. Makes me miss San Francisco! Gorgeous photos, thank you for visiting my blog and thus allowing me to discover yours.

  2. How fun!!! Great action snaps. So colorful!

  3. That first photo is incredible! I was in the City that day, but had no idea this was going on. I live in the East Bay burbs and need to start reading the Chron for news!

    • Hi Angeline, thank you! I was surprised how easy it was to attend– very pleasant as far as the crowds. I assume the actual races will be mobbed? Hope you get to see them! Glad you enjoyed the photos.

  4. Reblogged this on SKEdaddle and commented:
    I was hoping to make it up to the City (San Francisco) during the America’s Cup qualifications but never made. I’m reblogging this because Jane did a fabulous job capturing the essence of this event. The America’s Cup Finals will be in San Francisco in September 2013. Come visit our fine city!

    • Hi Susan, Thanks so much for reblogging this post. As you can see, it was a gorgeous day and the boats are very close to shore which made it quite exciting. Appreciate your comments and posting this on your terrific blog. More SF photos to come!

  5. Awesome images! I wanted to get up there so I could take some pictures as well but it didn’t happen. I think I’ll reblog this on my site. Thanks

  6. what a day!! U certainly caught the pure excitement…..I felt it!! Thank u for sharing!!

  7. Watched this from a different vantage point and, not knowing much about sailing, did not have a grasp about who was winning but as your photos depict it was beautiful. You caught some really great angles and tbe beauty of tbe day.

  8. ahhh, nothing better than the wind in your sails, hiking out on the water on a beautiful day! I’ve sailed small sailboats and it’s the most wonderful feeling to have those zen like moments when you’re one with the wind…………..not a thought other than filling your sails! and did it once with friends on a catamaran and it was amazing, too!! Especially hiking out!! (that’s when you’re sailing on one edge or pontoon and the other is in the air and you’re holding on for dear life as the cat is flying thru the water!!! and you don’t wanna flip over!!! Takes a lot of skill!) You captured that feeling! Brought back lots of memories……..days gone by….great photos!! Love Beach Barbie

    • Hi Barbie, Thanks so much! I just added a photo of the team “hiking out” to accompany your great description! I’m happy that these photos brought back wonderful memories of your sailing days. Lovely. Hope you’re having great days on the beach. 🙂

  9. Jane, they’re spectacular. We had some good weather days!

  10. I remember being in Newport Beach, RI 30 years ago when the cup was there. There was a mystery keel and they had it all wrapped up so nobody could see it. It is very exciting and beautiful to watch.

  11. Looks like fun, Jane!

    Sharon Buehler

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