Seascape Moment

And on a windy coast I made several toasts
To you and me and the sea and no one heard~ Dan Fogelberg

Pelicans Soaring, Big Sure

Soaring in Big Sur

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  1. Great catch!! Did you plan for it or did it just work out? 🙂


  2. Hi Jane Your photos are stunning and your captions add true feeling to the picture! Thanks for sharing! Jane Iwan shared the joy of their visit with you. Hope your time there continues to be safe and happy. We had great trip to Ireland and Scotland. Look forward to seeing you! Love Ann & Bill

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    • Hi Ann- Thank you! I do put thought into my captions and it’s nice that you enjoy them. Will look forward to hearing about your trip and seeing some photos! Appreciate you stopping by to say hi. See you soon.


  3. More beautiful pictures! We bumped into Jamie and Eric at the Ryder Cup Grill post PGA. They were enjoying a mini-vacation at Kiawah but said it wasn’t the same without you and Bob. Many of us feel that way. Hope you are loving your time in SFO. ML

    Mary Lou Sent from my iPad


  4. Ahhhhhh. Lovely


  5. Love your photo – love Big Sur. Living vicariously through you. : – )


  6. Jane, What a beautiful way to start this Sunday….viewing your wonderful photos! I have been following your posts and have not taken the time to reply. I have loved them all..particularly the children with their smiles of joy and sense of wonder. The shots of Ronan are amazing. Thank you for sharing your special gift and enriching our view of the world! Enjoy your day!


  7. what a great shot of the birds


  8. You are quite the talented lady. I’ve enjoyed your photos and travel experiences this summer while I followed you across the country.

    I move into my condo this week. Can’t wait for u to see it. Safe travels.

    Hugs, Cathy

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    • Hi Cathy- how nice to hear from you! So glad you’ve enjoyed following my photos. Thanks so much for your comments. I am thrilled for you that you’re moving into your place and it will be my first stop when I come to the city! Enjoy it and glad you are well. See you soon! XO


  9. What an amazing shot! It’s so fantastic.


  10. Jane, beautiful subject and composition.
    To me,the combination of the peaceful ocean, rugged rocks, soft fog rolling in and birds flying overhead is a study of contrast on one hand and a peaceful, relaxing image on the other. Can’t really explain….. All I know is this photo really caught my attention. Great Work! Thanks, Sylvia


  11. Sitting in Little Rock with Whitlow’s 91 year old mother – thank you for the reprieve by the sea! Linda


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