Lines and Shadows: San Francisco, CA

Favorite city scenes when the sun played as I pressed the shutter. 

Morning Walk on the Embarcadero

Morning Walk on the Embarcadero

Bus Stop, The Mission

Bus Stop, The Mission

As Far As I Got, Golden Gate

As Far As I Got, Golden Gate

Park Shadows, San Francisco

Park Shadows, San Francisco

Iron Window, Old Battery

Iron Window, Old Battery

Alcatraz and Trees

Alcatraz and Trees

Stairs and Ladder, Battery

Stairs and Ladder, Artillery Battery

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  1. You have a great eye, making something that is quite ordinary very powerful.

  2. I really like the shadow play in all of these shots!

  3. love these….!!!!

  4. you have such a love affair going, not only with SF, but with all of creation, it seems to me. Shots of the Sacred, I would say.

  5. Black and white, to my eye, show the industrial kind of grit beauty of the city..great shots. Love the bus stop. K

  6. I love this journey through your eyes – makes me look at things so differently! Linda wyatt

  7. The lines and shadows here are incredible!!!

  8. Very, very nice. As someone who used to live in San Francisco, these really are evocative of the feel of the city. Love them.

  9. You’re making me miss SF….you really have a good eye.

    Sharon Buehler

  10. Jane, I think you have outdone yourself here, really extraordinary shadow play!

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