Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

While walking in Bangkok, I passed this boy resting dreamily on his father’s scooter enjoying a quiet moment in a busy city.

I wonder what he was daydreaming about ?

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  1. I cannot get this image out of my mind, but then again why would I want to? It’s the very essence of serenity and it’s soul-stirring.


  2. An amazing portrait- you capture his peacefulness, innocence and the smooth perfection of his skin. Very moving.


  3. looks like me at the beach! totally content! peaceful! ahhhhhhhhh, ain’t life grand! time to day dream and ponder the wonders of how sea gulls feel when they fly overhead…where are those boats on the horizon headed…..the mind wanders and eventually lands (when the lifeguard blows his whistle at some wayward swimmer!!)….yup, we all need day dreaming time….rejuvenates the soul…..hope you’re finding those times in SF now !……..xo Beach Bum Barbie


    • Hi Barbie- love the image you’ve created of relaxation and rejuvenation! Glad a photograph can conjure up some positive emotions! We are finding the same in SF. Thanks so much for your wonderful comments! xox


  4. Restful – makes me envious!


  5. so calming……I too wonder what he is pondering???? Hmmmmm….


  6. This is powerful! I realy love it!


  7. Love it!


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