Texas Barbecue!

Vegetarians beware! 

One of our favorite stops outside of Austin is the Salt Lick in Driftwood, TX.  When it opened in the late sixties it was way out in the country and a plateful was $3.00.  Although it has grown and become extremely popular over the years, they have managed to maintain the quality of their incredible ‘cue.  

After filling your belly, it’s great fun to watch the action at the pit!

Welcome and C’mon In!

The Meats are Smoking

The Fire is Hot at the Salt Lick

The Pit Master

Chopping and Slicing

A Plateful of Barbecue with the Fixings

At Your Service at the Salt Lick

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  1. Great stuff! I love Texas bbq – it’s like bbq no where else!!

  2. wow! although it feels like 100 degree here in sc and i consequently don’t have much of an appetite, i could easily eat a large plate or 2 of that bbq, right now!! have never seen meat look that enticing– so juicy and pink!!! “bbq porn” is on the money but you nailed it in your photos!!

  3. YUMMM!!! Since Larry loves pulled pork, I’ve been trying out some both slow cooker and oven baked on low…both delish. Also make ribs which we first boil in beer…oooh so good!!! Have fun…Do you run between meals???? With all that driving, when do you get in your push ups!??!?!? m

  4. We do the same. Love trying new places. We go through Lockhart quite a bit going to our ranch and try and stop when we can. Have you tried Franklin’s yet? Last time we drove through Austin on a Sunday,the line was at least 125 people long. Neither of us felt like waiting. Gonna be checking out your site more.

    • Hi griffin- we tried Franklin’s and the line was enormous… No thanks. Although my family loved it. Thanks for visiting and I enjoyed your post on making turtles. Good grilling pics!

  5. Been to Salt Lick a number of times. I’ve found it to be hit or miss. The last time I had to send the brisket back because it was tough and dry. The waiter even told me it didn’t look right when he served it to me….then why did you serve it to me?

    A bit disappointed to learn that their meat is smoked in gas fired pits in the back and then only brought out to the front pits for display and to finish off.

    Would rather drive out to Lockhart and hit up one of the Big 3.

    • HI griffensgrub, I didn’t mention in my post that our family does barbecue trips like some do wine tasting trips. We have been to Smitty’s, Kreutz’s and Blacks- all great. Our favorite this trip was John Meuller’s truck. We love the Salt Lick for its nostalgia since my husband has been going there since the late sixties when it was a tiny place in the middle of nowhere. Thanks so much for your comment. Happy eating!

  6. Looks great. I can almost taste the food. Looks like you’ve found a new career. Watch out Josh!

  7. I got hungry just looking at your pictures. I can smell the barbecue.

  8. what more is there to say…but…OMG!!! YUMMY!!! enjoy

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