New Orleans Gas Lights

I shot these on an early morning walk in the French Quarter:

Gas Lamp, Door and Shadows, New Orleans, LA

Lamp with Red and Green, New Orleans

Gas Lamp and Blue Shutter, New Orleans

Blue Glass and Lamp, New Orleans

Gas Lamps and Balcony, New Orleans

Gas Lamp Shadow and Bricks, New Orleans

Gas Lamp, Door and Shadows II, New Orleans

Please click here to see these photos on my web site.

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  1. each of these photos is a work of art, each capturing and enhancing the art of the gaslight that is its object. i can easily see these photos enlarged and framed in a den.


  2. Jane, This series is terrific! What a great idea. Thank you!!! Pat


  3. great shots of one of my favorite cites.


  4. soooo MYSTERIOUS!! As NO is…great fun! Thanks for sharing! Glad u 2 r enjoying the adventure! xo


  5. Love seeing the southern route through your lens.


  6. Wow! I love these photos, especially the shadow of the first picture. Thank you for posting this, and good luck with future photos!

    ~My Blog


  7. Love this series! I feel a need to visit New Orleans soon! 🙂


  8. Jane loved the door, lamp shadow.


  9. Very beautiful photos.


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