Tupelo, Mississippi

We passed through Tupelo the other day. We expected a photographic gem, however, found that the old town was sadly neglected. There is still a beautiful courthouse that at one time was in the main square and a few old-time shops. Tupelo is the birthplace of Elvis which is its biggest claim to fame. 

I love the painted wall on this music shop and the vinyl record jackets in the windows:

Enjoy Coca-Cola in Tupelo, MS


A tribute to the King:

Elvis is in the House, Tupelo, MS


A Cupola in Tupelo. Say that three times fast.

Courthouse Cupola in Tupelo

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  1. very artsy…..luv the church…..where’s the food???? ENJOY!!! xo


  2. Jane, I love your posts. When I open my email and see there are pictures you’ve posted, it’s like a little Christmas present! I save your message for last in my mail queue. I know, what a dork, but it’s true! Keep snapping.


  3. Tupelo…such a pretty name for such an abandoned place. Great shots though!
    Drive slowly to Austin…baby girl just flew the coop to Cabos!


  4. Great shots. Good to have some idea of your cross country road trip. Miss you.


  5. Very nice street Photography!!! Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga


  6. It’s pretty run down now, which is unfortunate. I haven’t been there in years, but went to visit the tiny house that Elvis was born in. Could have been preserved better. (the town).


    • Hi laurence129- that’s neat that you went to Elvis’ house. We didn’t have time to go by but there were plenty of remembrances to him. I hope they do preserve the old buildings which are pretty…


  7. even in a neglected place, you found 3 great things to capture with your lens! i love all 3., esp the 1st one.


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