Flying The Coop!

20120520-150943.jpg We are on our way for the summer! Looking forward to capturing our cross country journey…

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  1. What a fabulous ‘take off’ I am sure the landing will be just a smoothe!!! ENJOY every moment!! xo


  2. ……and a graceful takeoff it was! Enjoy every moment of your adventure and keep those photos coming.


  3. What a great image. Enjoy your adventure.


  4. what an apt photo, and one of my faves to boot! i miss you already but look forward to keeping in touch through your posts. have a great trip!!!


  5. Jane, Loved the photo..perfect! Enjoy your cross country adventure. Look forward to your updates. We shall miss you! Pat


  6. Hi Leslee- yes! Come on out! Hope you have a wonderful summer. Send pics;)


  7. As much as I love your photo, it’s sad that you are heading out. Hope you enjoy…maybe we’ll catch you again in California…!?


  8. Boo Hoo! Have a ball. Looking forward to the photos. T


  9. I love it and can’t wait for more!!! Have a wonderful summer!


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