Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

The wonderful Charleston after school program, Wings, focuses on developing social and emotional skills in elementary school kids. It works. 

It is great fun to spend an afternoon observing and photographing the kids and the incredibly dedicated staff.

This program epitomizes the theme “Together.”

Enjoying the Daily Game

Enjoying the Daily Game



Girl Power!

Girl Power!

What's Next?

What's Next?

Reciting the Wings Creed

Reciting the Wings Creed

Strategy Session

Heads Together

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  1. Great photos of lovely smiling people!

  2. You did such a great job capturing their joy and spirit. Love them all!

  3. Love the camaderie & “together”ness in all of these – looks like a great bunch of kids!

  4. Wonderful photographs. I especially like the second one. So joyous!

  5. Great entry for this week topic 🙂

  6. Nice collection! Enjoyed viewing them.

  7. Lots of smiles. Great photos.

  8. Great to see so many smiling faces together. Wonderful post. 🙂

  9. So heart warming. I like everyone happy expression. Seems t’s really fun there together. So fitting to be this weeks theme indeed. Great job…

  10. If only we could bottle those smiles and give them out to the sad in the world! Lovely series of photos!

  11. Especially love that last shot!

  12. Fantastic pics, I love the heads together!

  13. All pictures are fine and happy. My favorite is probably the last picture! 🙂

  14. what an EYE….quite impressive….feel very lucky to have the opportunity to get a peek!! xo

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