Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

Dubrovnik, Croatia

This walled city, with its alleyways, narrow streets and gorgeous architecture is a

photographer’s dream.

“Passing Through” immediately came to mind which led me to others from this wonderful city.

Hope you enjoy them!

Passing Through

Dubrovnik Morning

Afternoon Stroll

Evening Quiet

Window Dressing

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  1. Derrick- sounds like you had a good visit! 🙂


  2. Not to mention the local hootch we got to sample … that was some damn good stuff. Everyone else found it to be not good so I got to drink theirs. Mmmmmmmmmm. 😉


  3. Thanks, Derrick. Glad you got to go there. Yes, amazing scenery and good seafood!


  4. Lovely images – and brings back memories of a visit there a few years back. Some of the best food and scenery I’ve seen!!


  5. excellent post and photo’s


  6. The lighting in each one of the photos is special.


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