La Boca, Buenos Aires

Here is a bit of color to brighten your day. La Boca is a vibrant neighborhood in Buenos Aires filled with colorful houses and restaurants. Tango dancers entertained and cafe owners beckoned as we strolled the streets taking in the whirl of colors and sights.

The bold architecture with its mix of striking colors and lines was the focus of my camera that day. Oh, and of course the gorgeous tango dancers!

Yellow Doors, La Boca

Lines and Colors, La Boca

Tango, My Love


Football Star

Shutters, La Boca

Purple Curve and Lamp, La Boca

Smile and Flags, La Boca

Open Window, La Boca

Leaves and Awning, La Boca

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  1. Reblogged this on Pix In Motion – Leo Bar and commented:
    Ah, the colors! The intensity, the food, the people…


  2. Amazing colours! So happy 🙂


  3. I think you captured the nature of the colors, and textures in use quite well, nice work!


  4. Wow, nice shots. The colours are beautiful.


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