Recoleta, Buenos Aires

The first day of Lent inspired me to share my photos of Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires. It is a stunning place filled with crypts and mausoleums of the elite and famous of Argentina.

I found it a peaceful experience wandering the narrow passageways reflecting on the family histories represented in this place. There is a sense of reverence and quiet even though it is a famous tourist destination.

The beautiful details of the religious icons, iron work and masonry accompanied by the dedications, photos and flowers made it a rich and rewarding day of photography.

There is a link at the bottom for more photos on my web site.

Reflections and Remembrances

Passageway and Reflection

Cross and Crypts

Don't Cry For Me...

Cryptic Moment


Iron Gate

Remembering Eva Peron

Please click here for more photos of Recoleta on my web site 

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  1. Gorgeous collection. Love how you work the camera to such great effect.


  2. Gorgeous photography!! What a great eye you have!


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