Lines and Shadows: Charleston, SC

Charleston is an architectural gem. I love finding details in the historic churches, single houses and public buildings throughout the city.
These were taken in the early light on a beautiful South Carolina morning.

Red Door, Circular Church

Through the Window, City Hall

Lamp Shadows

Window Light, St. Michael’s Church

Church Door and Leaves, St. Philip’s

The Steps of City Hall

Columns, Hibernian Hall

Shutter Dogs

Come Into My Garden

For more photos, please click here.

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  1. You have a good eye for things Jane!

  2. such wonderful little details. Nicely captured, most folks are just happy to look at the grand scene and not the neat stuff right under their noses.

  3. I love the points of view you seem to discover. The emphasis on the shadows is wonderfuWe’re trying to plan a trip to Africa. After viewing your African photos, I want to know where these photos were taken and what time of year you were there.

  4. Love it, Jane… need to do more. Thanks.

  5. So, you do architecture too. They’re lovely.

  6. Jane,
    Some of these are stunning…thanks for sharing.

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