Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

Dolphins and pelicans on the South Carolina coast work together. The dolphins “strand feed” which is a behavior unique to this area, when dolphins drive fish up onto the beach with great force, then flop up on the sand to eat them. The crafty pelicans stand on the shore waiting for the moment that the fish pop up to grab their fill.

This happens in a matter of seconds- a rush of activity as the dolphins get ready to fish, the pelicans stand ready to capitalize and the photographer holds ready focus with hopes to catch the shot!

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  1. Anita, yes, but it happens so fast. It’s amazing.


  2. Very cool. I can only imagine how frenetic it is!


  3. Wow. that is so cool! I didn’t know this about dolphins and pelicans. thanks for sharing your incredible captures.


  4. Excellent timing!!! Never seen this before but that’s a great action series!


  5. Ha! They don’t seem worried about getting right in there, 2e0mca~ thanks for your comment.


  6. I think they’re a bit on the large size even for a Pelican’s lunch 😉 Nice shots!


  7. Incredible shots. Have never seen pelicans gobbling up the dolphins’ catch.


  8. Wonderful 🙂


  9. Brill pictures, well captured..;)


  10. Great series! I once witnessed a dolphin chase a fish right into the side of a boat I was on. With no where to go, the fish jumped into the air and the dolphin caught it. It happened in a split second and was right in front of me. They are truly amazing and resourceful!


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