I’m Ready For My Close-Up

I had a fantastic morning shooting with photography friends at the Center for Birds of Prey in Awendaw, SC. Incredible birds- owls, falcons, hawks, vultures, eagles and kites. We all loved  the up close and personal look at these beautiful creatures.

I was drawn to the “portraits” that I captured with my 70-200mm lens.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Great Horned Owl

The Great Horned Owl's Magnificent Eyes:

The Graceful Falcon

The Amazing Kite

Red-Tailed Hawk

(For more photos from this day, please click on the photos to link to my web site)

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  1. That’s for sure 2e0mca! Thanks so much for looking!


  2. These are all ‘finger removal’ experts – don’t try doing them with a 50mm lens 😉 Beautiful birds and excellent shots 🙂


  3. The first 2 shots are absolutely stunning!


  4. I LOVE Raptors! Your portraits of them are fantastic. Nice!!


  5. It is amazing to look at the eyes of these birds. Thanks for a great post.


  6. Awesome photos! There’s something very special about raptors.


  7. These are quite stunning and captivating! Although the great horned eyes draw you in, I particularly love how you captured the feather patterns. Such a regal bird. I also love the curves that you captured in the falcon photo. Ballerina-like. Nice captures, Jane! Wish I had been there!


  8. These are amazing!! I love the owl shots!


  9. Thank you, Jane…I was captivated by the details, too. Appreciate you looking 🙂


  10. Jane, these are phenomenal shots. So much beauty and grace about them.


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