Toulomne Meadows, Yosemite

This is one of our favorite spots. The meadows are at a lower elevation compared to the high vistas of the most famous lookouts in Yosemite, but for us, this is the perfect end to a day of hiking in the park–relaxing on the flat rocks by the river and taking in nature’s finest moments.

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  1. To be there must be like being in heaven! This is such a beautiful picture of a real grfeat landscape. Thank you for sharing!


  2. What I would do to see such a place in real life!


  3. Thank you, Nate! Appreciate it. You’ve traveled to some fabulous places and your blog is terrific. Will check out Vogelsang next time!


  4. Beautiful photograph. I camped here only about a year ago before hiking into Vogelsang and the high sierra camp. Highly recommend Vogelsang if you get a chance to visit that part of Yosemite.
    Thanks for sharing your photography!


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